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Our Leadership

President and CEO

Rev. Efrem Smith

World Impact has developed as a leader in urban ministry for over 40 years, focusing on planting healthy urban churches, developing missional partnerships, resourcing urban leaders, and demonstrating compassion and justice.

Efrem's personal and professional story paints a compelling picture of an urban church leader of deep faith who has managed leaders and budgets, transforming people and ministry wherever he has served. His track record in leading Christian Community Development efforts, serving as a Pastor, Church Planter and leader of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, have prepared him for this moment. Throughout his career, Efrem has had a passion for the urban poor, theological education, and training indigenous leaders for service in the Kingdom.

As a preacher, motivational speaker, and author, Efrem Smith is internationally recognized for his passion to see lasting life transformations, communities revitalized to reach the marginalized, and further Kingdom advancement within our churches.

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Senior Leaders

National and Regional Leaders

National Board of Directors

We gratefully acknowledge the dedicated service and insightful leadership provided by the men and women of our national board in support of our mission and vision.

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