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A Lifeline for Pastors

A Lifeline for Pastors

The Wichita Urban Church Association (UCA) marked its fourth year this summer. What started as a group of three like-minded pastors has grown into an association of over fourteen different churches and ministries. As the UCA has grown so has its ability to come alongside pastors and ministry leaders across the city. The purpose of the UCA is to provide fellowship, encouragement, and resources for urban pastors and leaders that need it!

One new church plant joined the UCA last year a few months before they launched their plant. They quickly came to be part of the UCA and the group encouraged them and confirmed their calling to plant a church in a new neighborhood. Different pastors from the UCA started mentoring and training them as they began to plant! The pastor said, “We have been looking a group like for years and we feel so grateful to be a part of it. This is life giving to us and every time we’re tired or discouraged and come we feel encouraged and glad we came!”

Pastor Darryl* was one of the founding members of the Wichita UCA loves the connection it brings to other pastors and how it has encouraged him in different seasons of ministry. After one powerful meeting he said, “It’s amazing how each UCA meeting is led by the Spirit, each meeting ends up having a specific theme that the pastors needed to hear that day! I have never come to UCA and not been fed.” It is such a blessing to be a part of a group of pastors who truly care about each other and Kingdom growth. Each pastor and leader is Kingdom-minded, willing to share resources, knowledge, time, and come alongside other pastors to help their churches and ministries grow!

Pastor Manny* just joined the group this year and is pastoring a small church in Hutchinson, Kansas, which is a full hour away from Wichita. He drives that full hour to arrive for the meeting at 8:00 am. At first Manny was unsure of himself as a leader and a pastor. He felt overwhelmed by his new calling and wasn’t confident in his ability to pastor. He loved the meetings though and quickly became part of the group. One of the other older UCA pastors built a relationship with Manny and agreed to mentor him in preaching and teaching ministry. Pastor Manny was so grateful that his calling and gifting was seen, and that he was receiving the training he had needed so much.

These are just a few stories of how the UCA is working to build healthy pastors, churches, families, and communities in Wichita. Like-minded churches are working together to share the love and reconciliation that comes through the Gospel. These churches operate in some of the most difficult neighborhoods in Wichita and do so with very little resources and oftentimes a second job. The UCA is a lifeline for many of these leaders and helps to refresh, restore, and equip them for the work that God has called them to here in Wichita!

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*Name changed for privacy.


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