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Associate Spotlight: Dametra Stevenson

Associate Spotlight: Dametra Stevenson

My name is Dametra Stevenson and I am a World Impact Associate. I have been a part of the World Impact Associate Program for over a year. I live and minister in Fort Worth, TX. Since my initial connection and opportunity to partner with World Impact, the support and sustainability that has been provided to associates, as well as the Body of Christ has been phenomenal. There is tremendous growth and noticeable fruit in the lives of God's people through our Siafu Chapter. I have had a front seat to see the support that has been offered to DFW ministers, pastors, and leaders through the Evangel School of Urban Church Planting and The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). The many resources and training provided by World Impact, through these initiatives, has been beneficial both to me and many other leaders in DFW.

World Impact’s commitment to raising up servant leaders and empowering those already in leadership roles will impact the Kingdom for years to come, pushing us to become a healthy church. We are so grateful that we get a chance to be a part of a bigger vision of impacting the kingdom. The worth and value of World Impact is priceless and we are truly impacting the world. I believe we have yet to see the lasting effects of its existence. I am honored to serve alongside a great team as a World Impact Associate. 

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