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Associate Spotlight: Roger Alford

Associate Spotlight: Roger Alford

Through the resources provided by World Impact donors I have been able to start a TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) satellite in St. Louis, MO. Several students have been trained on how to impact their community for Christ. One student recently graduated and is now influencing not only the church he pastors but also his entire denomination in this state. Through generous donors I have the necessary funds to go where the spiritual leaders are and offer them training, teaching, and encouragement. I am also able to take the time to minister to them through calls, letters, social media, etc.  

Donations also enable me to attend the annual Summit, where I get informed of all the many resources (such as literature, programs, etc.) available to supplement my ministry as a World Impact Associate. I then pass that information along to others.

I have been able to promote TUMI and World Impact by setting up meetings with individuals, churches and small groups. I show them how we can come alongside them and help in their efforts to make disciples and advance the cause of the Gospel in their churches and communities. Through donor support I am enabled have time and resources to pastor the pastors and lead the leaders.

Because I am bilingual I can do all this in English and Spanish. There are many Hispanics in our area. Even though many know English, it is more impactful to minister to them in their heart language of Spanish. Your support helps me get into those Hispanic settings to offer them the ministry of World Impact and TUMI. There are many other racial and ethnic groups here—and because of the increase of social and racial tensions here, Jesus must be presented as the answer. However, there needs to be more pastors and church leaders trained in how to raise up spiritual leadership in their respective fields of service. That’s where World Impact and TUMI comes in! I have the opportunity to help them, thanks to your prayer and financial support!

July is our month of gratitude! Read more about how your support impacts the Kingdom here!


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