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Building up Potential Leaders

Building up Potential Leaders

Joey was reluctant. He wasn’t sure he wanted to serve as a student leader at camp. He agreed to serve during the first week at Morning Star Ranch because his youth minister had asked. But he rejected the idea of serving for two weeks: “I expected the kids to be out of control.”

Maybe that’s what he expected because that’s what he had lived: “Three years ago my life was turning to complete [garbage]. I’d been kicked out of three houses and moved in with my grandma. I was about to get kicked out of her house too.” And that’s when God began to do a work in his life. He gave his life to Christ and was baptized at Grace Revolution Church.  

And then God led him, however reluctantly, to serve with us at camp.

The World Impact Midwest leadership team works hard for months collaborating with the team from The Bridge Topeka to design an experience for student leaders which will stretch and equip them, drain them and fill them up: “[That first week] really changed me,” Joey said. “It opened my eyes and set me back on the path of following Jesus.” So, he asked to come back for Week 2. And now Joey feels no reluctance about next year: “Thank you for the opportunity! I’m looking forward to next summer!”

Camp is more than just fun and games and a few Bible stories for little kids. It’s a week of concentrated church. It’s a week of intense discipleship. It is a time when potential leaders like Joey can taste and see that serving the Lord is good!

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