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Depending on Community

Depending on Community

When I first drove into North St. Louis 11 years ago as a brand new missionary, I had no clue how my call to serve in the inner city was going to radically change my perception of community. Something I immediately noticed and appreciated about urban churches was the way that so many of the members of these churches relied on one another and truly understood being the family of God. There was an urgency in the way that they needed one another and depended on each other’s prayers and finances, the comfort of shared laughter or tears, and even transportation. I had rarely felt that same sense of urgency about community prior to serving in the city. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my home church and Christian family and friends, but I don’t think I felt that I had to depend on them. But, through the example of the urban church and how it related to my life as a missionary I began to realize that I should and I do!

As a missionary family, my husband and I and our kids, are privileged to be part of a unique community of people who share God’s heart for the urban poor and who have chosen to send us with their prayers and finances to this mission field. Their prayers and financial gifts are humbling and encouraging and are some of the primary means through which the Lord advances His work in our cities.

Our supporters make up a community of people who are passionate about missions, who are profoundly generous, and who deeply care about my family. Over these past eleven years I have grown to appreciate the faithfulness and tender-hearts of these believers in deeper and deeper ways. It has been an encouraging word, the faithfulness of a monthly donor, a prayer on our behalf, a thoughtful gift, that has spurred us on in ministry.

Now, as my family has moved back to St. Louis to relaunch ministry efforts here, my appreciation for this community has deepened even more. Not only have they provided tangible support in the relaunching of the ministry, their generosity, through God’s direction, has been great encouragement and confirmation for us that God is indeed leading us in this new venture.

So, when we say thank you for partnering with us, we truly mean it! Those of us who are sent to the mission field are not separate from the community of people who have sent us. We are in this together and there is such power and joy in each playing our part—as one Body—in the plan God has for our cities!

July is our month of gratitude! 

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