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The other day I sat in the chair of a new hairstylist. My regular girl had a full schedule and suggested a friend who she thought I would really enjoy. As Rae began to get to know me, we chatted about how long I have lived in Wichita, what my plans were for the holidays, if I had kids, and all the other basic new client chatter. While she was assessing my hair, I noticed a tattoo on her wrist. She had several all over her arms, but this one was crisper, cleaner, newer; it read “Hope,” one simple word that spoke volumes about her life.

She shampooed my hair, and as we walked back to her station she asked about where I worked. So I began to tell her about World Impact, and she stopped me. She said, “Hold up, you guys come to Grace Revolution on Monday nights, I help out on those nights.” I knew she was speaking about the World Impact Mobile Medical Unit—every week it goes to multiple churches and serves under-resourced communities with free medical care. There are doctors, physician's assistants, nurses and medical students who volunteer their time to give free medical help to anyone who shows up. Rae gives up her Monday nights to pray with people who are waiting to see the doctor, sometimes she helps give out food, sometimes she checks people in, but over all she shows Christ’s love to those who may not know Him.

The more Rae and I talked the more she opened up. The Hope that her wrist points to is Christ. Her relationship with the Lord has allowed her to be free of addiction for almost a year, it has opened doors for her to tell her story of the power of Christ to others in the recovery home where she attends meetings, and it helps her have compassion for those struggling with addiction who come on Monday nights.

Rae is why I love what I do! She thanked me for the work of World Impact, and I thanked her for sharing her story, and encouraging me! I love my haircut and I really like Rae, I am pretty sure she and I will be seeing each other again soon, outside of the salon!

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