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Missions-Minded Students

Missions-Minded Students

Recently, at Newark Christian School, we celebrated Geography Day, with each group of students representing different cultures. As part of this day, we highlighted missionary efforts in different countries by having students act as missionaries. In the case of one student, Abdiel Perde, the desire to share the gospel with people who do not yet know Jesus is no act. He has been known to ask his mother to pull over while she is driving because he feels the urge to share or pray with someone he sees out of the car window. His desire to serve God spills into all arenas of his life. He willingly prays in class for any and every need, and he enjoys preparing and sharing as part of the Missions Outreach Team at NCS.

As a sixth grader, Abdiel continues to learn and grow as a leader and team member. When working with his team for Geography Day, he realized how important team unity and good communication are in the process of working together. He also learned the importance of owning his mistakes. He realized he took too long writing and revising his team’s script which ended with not enough time to complete other tasks. With some guidance from the middle school teaching staff and volunteers, Abdiel’s next team project looked different. It had great vision, and the ability to accomplish all the tasks when the end neared.

With the start of another school year, Abdiel will be given even greater opportunities to share the gospel and grow in his ability to achieve the visions God gives him. He will be able to further practice his growing ability to lead and plan well both in and out of school.

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