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More Than Chocolates and Roses

More Than Chocolates and Roses

At a time when most people tend to think about love in terms of chocolates and roses, I often think about how God's love makes our earthly love pale in comparison. His love is steadfast and never ceases. His love is self-sacrificing and undeserved. His love is powerful and can not be stopped. His love is often focused on people who are commonly overlooked by others. Let me share a story that shows the great power of God's love and redemption.

A gentleman named Michael came to our World Impact Community Church several months ago. With the passing of his father, he wanted to kick old habits and make a fresh start following after the Lord. After a couple of months, he started working as a janitor for the church. Being strapped for cash it helped him financially, but it also was a great way for him to use his gifts and serve the church.

One weekend as Michael was walking home from work, a car veered off the road onto the sidewalk and hit him. While partially unconscious Michael heard one of the first responders say, "He landed on his head. There is no way he made it, but go ahead and check him." Michael was alive and rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital the church family visited him and prayed for him, unsure if he could even hear them. After over a month, Michael woke up.

Michael began to improve and soon started attending church again. Eager to get back to work and do something productive, he asked to start working as the janitor again when he got the doctor's clearance to begin light work. What a miracle that God demonstrated His love for him in such a wonderful way!

Michael said it best when we were praying for our fourth grade teacher who needed multiple surgeries for a leg injury. He said, "I know that God will heal her! He healed me and I was basically dead. There is nothing too hard for God!"


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