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Passion for the Broken

Passion for the Broken

“Outside The Walls Church (OTWC) began with and still holds to a vision of building a Kingdom community where the poor, captive, broken, and oppressed have a future and a hope in Jesus Christ our Victor!” This is Pastor Hope Flask’s vision for her church that is now being realized in Kansas.

The OTWC team came through the Evangel School of Urban Church Planting in Wichita early this year. It was immediately clear that God was at work in the team and that they had a calling to plant their church. Pastor Hope has an amazing gift for communicating the love of Christ to hurting and broken people. We had worked with her and the team for months preparing them for Evangel and we were not surprised to see the team thrive. They launched their church plant almost immediately after Evangel and we have since seen God at work!

Pastor Hope wrote this note explaining how God has been working through the Church:

“Outside the Walls began as a house church last March and by May we had outgrown the house and needed a building. God provided immeasurably more than all we could hope for or imagine through the generosity of a church nearby.

We have seen God take His vision for OTWC and work it out in incredible ways through a deep and abiding relationship with God and one another. People are thriving. In August OTWC began our very first outreach by serving at the New Jerusalem mission, something that we will continue to do on a regular basis as a church. At that time, we also had our first baptism service. Soon we will begin our second deeper discipleship group and already the group is bigger than we imagined.”

Have you seen our October Bulletin? Read it now!

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October 9, 2017 | Lois Pierce

That’s awesome news!!!

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