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St. Louis Ministry Relaunch

St. Louis Ministry Relaunch

St. Louis, Missouri, is a city that has gained notoriety over the years as a dangerous place. It regularly makes the lists of most dangerous cities in America and was the focal point of the nation during the racially charged Ferguson riots. However, those news stories don’t tell the whole story. Not only is St. Louis a wonderful and interesting city with a rich history, but it is also a place where strong and determined Kingdom-minded men and women are working hard to win the city for Christ.

My husband and I served with World Impact in St. Louis over a span of 11 years. When, four and a half years ago, we followed God’s call to join World Impact efforts in Wichita, Kansas, we grieved leaving a city for which our hearts have always been burdened. We were blessed to participate in powerful ministry in Wichita, Topeka, and throughout the Midwest Region but our hearts always remained with St. Louis. So it was with great joy that we were able to return to St. Louis to relaunch World Impact’s ministry efforts at the beginning of this year!

It has been amazing to bring fresh eyes back to a city we know and love. We have new perspectives and broader experiences from our ministry within the region. As we have become reacquainted with the ministry landscape in St. Louis it has been a joy to see the Lord working in so many places and connecting us with new partners and co-laborers for Christ. Doors are wide open and the Spirit is moving and we are thrilled to be able to bring World Impact’s resources to the table. Over the past few years, a World Impact Associate has continued to train leaders through classes of The Urban Ministry Institute and a new satellite location is preparing to launch soon. Our goal is to work towards the launch of Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting in 2018, where we can train and resource local church planting teams. We are also exploring opportunities in prison ministry and looking to connect with current and potential Urban Church Associations.

It is an exciting time to be in ministry with so many new opportunities on the horizon. We believe that the Lord has great plans for this city and we are humbled and honored to participate with other urban leaders in the process of winning St. Louis for Christ!

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