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The Good News

The Good News

Twelve people. Just twelve people.

This month we celebrate Easter—for Christians, the most important holiday of the year. Without the death and resurrection of our Lord, we have nothing. No Savior, no hope, no “Kingdom come.” What’s incredible to me is that the Christian faith that is claimed by millions of people around the world can trace its roots to the testimony of twelve people. Twelve men who hung out with Jesus for three years and were convinced that His claims of being the Messiah were indeed true. Twelve men who saw and believed, and were compelled to take Jesus’ message to the ends of the earth—even if it took death to do so.

A couple months ago Erron received a text message from his “little brother.” Jerred and Erron met a few years ago at camp, a friendship that grew once Erron moved back to LA. When Jerred got in a car accident in the Bay Area this fall, he called Erron. When Jerred needed a place to live last year, he showed up at our doorstep and moved in with Erron for a few months. And when we found out we were pregnant last year, Jerred was one of the first ones to know (he’s pictured here with his “little sister,” as he calls her). Jerred got the same tattoo telling the Gospel story that Erron got on his arm just a couple years ago. A simple design, powerful message. Jesus Christ came, He died, He was buried, He rose from the grave, and He will come back again. The Good News.

It is through men like Jerred that the message of Jesus will be taken to the ends of the earth. It started with twelve people, and it continues today through people like you and me, and Jerred.

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