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TUMI Summit 2017

TUMI Summit 2017

Recently I had the joy of attending and participating at the tenth TUMI International Summit in Wichita, Kansas. Our theme was Forging Identity: Destroying Strongholds, Forming Christlikeness, and we explored the idea of equipping leaders in their identity in Christ, and ways to combat the lies of the enemy as they fulfill God’s call for their lives. More than 300 satellite partners from across the US and world were present – leaders from site locations such as Cuba, Mexico, Romania, Rwanda, and India.

God moved greatly through our gathering, as one attendee was heard to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve been going to conferences all my life and have been looking for something like this.” Our time of worship, training, and dialogue was refreshing for these dear trainers, most of whom serve in spiritually and economically depressed regions around the world.

One of the training opportunities we provide during the Summit was our stellar workshops on a variety of practical topics. The workshop I led was called "The 5 E’s of Effective Urban Church Planting." I had a full room of passionate and hungry individuals seeking insights and direction for planting churches among the poor. Some were already planting churches and some were seeking the Lord if this would be the direction He is leading them. The 5 E’s – Endearment to Christ, Evangelism, Equipping, Empowering through Church Planting, Embracing through Association – were just a “door opener” to resources we have to equip church planters to plant healthy churches. These include assessment, Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Urban Church Associations, theological training through the Capstone Curriculum, to name a few.

The level of networking at the time was also fruitful and amazing. I am in church planting training discussions with Bishop Charles Sekelwa of Tanzania, a leader in the Charismatic Episcopal Church; Reverend Claudius Deah of Liberia, West Africa, who needs training for over 100 pastors; Akash Nandi of Jharkhand, India, who leads a church planting network; Rickie Bradshaw and Charles Anderson of Houston, Texas, who are planting churches with Released Citizens (formerly incarcerated).

It is hard to calculate the impact of a Summit gathering on empowering leaders for Gospel ministry and global mission. Our delegates are already training thousands of workers in eighteen countries around the world, and we are trusting God for an explosive harvest in the near future. Please join me seeking the Lord for wisdom and next steps for these new connections and opportunities. Your partnership with us is key; your prayers and gifts strengthen this work of resourcing the Great Commission. God is moving: bless you for your support!

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