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Dr. Fred Clark


Dr. Fred Clark

Regional Director of Operations | East Coast

Since 1995, Fred has served as the Newark City Director. He currently serves as the Regional Director of Operations for World Impact East. Fred and his wife Judy grew up in the same town in West Virginia. After they were married in 1963, he went on to receive a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, a master's degree in education and a master's degree of divinity. He has worked as a research chemist, rocket scientist, school teacher, principal and pastor. Most recently, he was a professor at The King's College in New York. Before that, he was a professor at Northeastern Bible College in New Jersey. Judy has a degree in home economics, has taught in various settings and serves as Fred's personal assistant in all areas of their ministries. They have four adult sons, one of whom is deceased, and they have four grandchildren.

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