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Rev. Keith Wilks


Rev. Keith Wilks

East Regional Vice President

Keith Wilks grew up in Newark, NJ. After graduating high school, he was blessed to receive a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. After attending Rutgers University for accounting, he later earned his BA in theology from Eastern Theological Seminary in 2008.

Keith's professional career spans over 20 years in the financial services and insurance industry as a sales manager, training director, vice president of operations, and chief operating officer. After leaving the finance industry, he worked for the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), a leading nationwide nonprofit organization that assists homeowners in danger of home foreclosure.

Keith answered the call to ministry as a preacher and evangelist in 2005 with Dominion Fellowship Ministries of Newark, NJ. Since then, he has served as an outreach minister to Newark's juvenile detention center, an associate outreach minister for New Hope Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA, and as an outreach ministry director for Living Word Church Ministries in Fairburn, GA. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Eastern Theological Seminary.

While working with ministries such as Pray For Newark and Dominion Fellowship Ministries, Keith was introduced to World Impact, Inc. It is his belief that World Impact's call to serve God's kingdom through urban missions coincides with his own call to co-labor with other urban ministries. His desire to seek and witness to those who do not know Christ is only paralleled by his passion for encouraging co-laborers within the church. Keith is very excited about the vision of World Impact and sees the cities of America as "fertile spiritual ground" for us to be used of God in equipping and empowering its current and future ministry leaders. Keith lives in Newark, NJ, with his wife, Tiffany. He has two sons, Keith Jr. and Devon.

To find out more about Keith, check out his blog.

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