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Rev. Paul Chan


Rev. Paul Chan

West Coast Regional Vice President

Paul Chan is Vice President (West Region) of World Impact. He has served with World Impact since 2003. Paul was born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States. Paul is the older brother of Francis Chan and grew up with their two sisters in Stockton, California. Having lost their birth parents at an early age, Paul recounts some difficult moments growing up, "We couldn't spend the money for a new car battery, so every night we had to charge our old one. One night someone stole our battery charger. I remember sleeping in the garage the next night hoping they would come back, so I could somehow get our charger back.”

After high school, Paul joined the military and graduated as the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his class at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Later at Ft. Hood, Texas, he served as a Unit Armorer in the 142nd Signal Battalion. After completing his time in the military, Paul moved to San Francisco where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University and his Master of Arts degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, California. While serving as a Pastor at Chinese Grace Baptist Church in San Francisco, Paul worked bi-vocationally for 13 years as a tax accountant.

A nationally-recognized authority on evangelism among Asian Americans, Rev. Chan serves as a Director on the Board of The Child Development and Treatment Center headquartered in Sacramento, California. Paul also serves on the Administrative Counsel in the San Francisco Peninsula Baptist Association. Paul lives in the Bay Area with his wife, Nani. They have two sons, Brandon and Joshua. Paul is passionate about living faithfully: "I believe it is our duty as believers to constantly examine our faith… to test whether we are faithful in not only enduring difficulties, but faithful in entering new challenges. The most difficult problem we are facing in our lives is probably our greatest opportunity to be faithful.”

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