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Rev. Don Allsman


Rev. Don Allsman

Vice President & TUMI Satellite Director

Don Allsman is Vice President of World Impact and the Executive Director of Satellite Ministries for The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering at California State University - Fresno and a Master of Business Administration from Wichita State University. He has experience in construction management, management consulting, and aerospace. In 1991, Don was recruited to World Impact as Vice President of Administration to prepare its administrative structure for future growth. Later, as Vice President of Strategic Planning, Don helped World Impact transition from an urban youth Bible Club ministry into a church-planting missions organization, including the co-founding of The Evangel Church Plant School with TUMI’s Founder Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis (1999). In 2006, he was asked to lead the expansion of TUMI’s seminary satellite program. Starting with 12 sites and about 100 students, by 2016 it has grown to 254 approved locations, serving nearly 3,000 students in 17 countries.

Don has written three books that are used as textbooks for TUMI’s program: The Heroic Venture: A Parable of Project Leadership (2006), Jesus Cropped from the Picture: Why Christians Get Bored and How to Renew them to Vibrant Faith (2010), and a book co-written with Dr. Don Davis: Fight the Good Fight of Faith: Playing Your Part in God’s Unfolding Drama (2015). Don is married to his wife Cathy, who is also a missionary with World Impact. They have two sons, Mark and Ryan, and daughter-in-law Janée.

To find out more about Don, check out his blog.

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