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Rev. Ted Smith


Rev. Ted Smith

Regional Director of Ministry | Midwest

Ted grew up in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. Since giving his life to Christian service over 20 years ago, he has served as a missionary to the Philippines and in various ministry roles with churches in Oklahoma and Texas. In addition, Ted has served as an adjunct professor of Bible and Preaching at Dallas Christian College since 2003. Ted has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership from Dallas Christian College and a Master of Arts degree in New Testament and Preaching from Johnson Bible College.

In April of 2010, Ted returned to the inner city with World Impact Dallas, serving the urban poor through Bible clubs for children, youth ministries, church planting and leadership training for indigenous leaders. In February 2017, he became the Regional Director of Ministry for the Midwest. Ted and his wife Claire live in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more about Ted, check out his blog.

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