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Welcome to Our News and Media Center

World Impact is a Christian missions organization committed to facilitating church-planting movements by evangelizing, equipping and empowering the unchurched urban poor. World Impact’s purpose is to honor and glorify God and to delight in Him among the unchurched urban poor by knowing God and making Him known.

Media Resources

These high-resolution logos are offered as .PNG files and the bios as PDFs for use by the media. Simply click on the files you’d like to use and download them to your computer.

Logo Files

World Impact Logo

World Impact Logo
PNG - 64KB

World Impact Logo

World Impact Logo

Rev. Efrem Smith, President and CEO

Efrem Smith Headshot

Efrem Smith Headshot

Efrem Smith Headshot

Efrem Smith Headshot
JPEG - 9.5MB

Efrem Smith Bio
PDF - 36KB

Efrem’s Books

The Post-Black and Post-White Church (2012)

Jump into a Life of Further and Higher (2010)

The Hip Hop Church: Connecting with the Movement Shaping Our Culture (2005)

Raising Up Young Heroes(2004)

For media inquiries, email media@worldimpact.org.

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