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World Impact Regions

World Impact’s ministry is structured by regions in an effort to more effectively reach those whom we serve and address the unique situations of each ministry region. Each region is supervised by one of our Regional Vice Presidents who work alongside our President and Senior Vice Presidents in supervising World Impact’s various ministries throughout the nation. Within each ministry region, there is one “hub” city, from which the regions are run, as well as “spoke” cities, outlying ministry locations within each region and locations in which our ministry is expanding.


West Region

World Impact West Region

Regional Vice President: Rev. Paul Chan

Regional Director of Ministry: Rev. Dr. Hank Voss

Regional Director of Operations: Michelle Milburn

Comprised of seven states, one of which has the largest population in the country, the World Impact West Region is committed to evangelizing, equipping and empowering in the urban context.

Read about what's going on in the west region.

The West Region includes ministries in the following cities:

Midwest Region

World Impact Midwest Region

Regional Vice President: Rev. Daren Busenitz

Regional Director of Ministry: Rev. Ted Smith

Regional Director of Operations: Hayley Ramsey

Comprised of 22 states stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border, the World Impact Midwest Region includes various ministries actively engaged in evangelizing, equipping and empowering urban communities.

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The Midwest Region includes ministries in the following cities:

East Region

World Impact East Region

Regional Vice President: Keith Wilks

Regional Director of Operations: Dr. Fred Clark

Comprised of 19 states and over 50 percent of the population of the United States, the World Impact East Region is poised to transform communities through evangelizing, equipping and empowering urban leaders.

Read about what's going on in the east region.

The East Region includes ministries in the following cities:

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