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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis

World Impact In
St. Louis, Missouri

P.O. Box 22101
St. Louis, MO 63116

Phone: (314) 560-5383

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World Impact St. Louis focuses on training indigenous leaders to plant and strengthen urban churches. St. Louis hosts a TUMI satellite where urban lay leaders and pastors receive theological training to equip them for furthering God’s kingdom through church planting. This TUMI satellite has extended to a TUMI satellite in Mexico and has the potential of supporting additional satellites in other areas of Mexico. There is also great potential for expansion of TUMI within the growing immigrant communities in St. Louis, including Nepalese, Ethiopian, Bosnian and other ethnic groups.

The city of St. Louis faces many challenges of poverty, violence and brokenness and is segregated both racially and economically from the larger community. As we minister in the city, we see over and over again that the need is great, but God is greater.

World Impact established a ministry presence in St. Louis in 1976. The initial ministry efforts concentrated on evangelism and discipleship through children's Bible clubs. As World Impact developed a favorable reputation in the community, missionaries extended their efforts to the families of our Bible club children through various outreaches and church planting efforts.

We were able to partner in the planting of two churches. These churches are effectively sharing the love of Christ through a variety of outreaches and services in their neighborhoods.

The landmark ministry center in St. Louis, the old North YMCA, is still being used to reach out to the community and meet holistic needs of urban families as we partner with Jamaa Learning Center, an inner-city charter school. Jamaa strives to educate and empower students and families by providing high-quality educational and social services and we believe that God will use them to continue the rich heritage of serving North St. Louis through our ministry center.

We continue to have a passion to see Jesus proclaimed in St. Louis. Through our continued presence in St. Louis, we are committed to do all we can to recruit, empower and release urban leaders who will plant churches and launch church planting movements in the St. Louis area and beyond.

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