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World Impact St. Louis focuses on training indigenous leaders to plant and strengthen urban churches. The city of St. Louis faces many challenges of poverty, violence and brokenness and is segregated both racially and economically from the larger community. As we minister in the city, we see over and over again that the need is great, but God is greater.

Church Planting

Church Planting


We established a ministry presence in St. Louis in 1976. Our initial efforts concentrated on evangelism and discipleship through children's Bible clubs. As we developed a favorable reputation in the community, we extended our efforts to the families of our Bible club children through various outreaches and church planting efforts.

Currently, two of our church plants are functioning under their own leadership in the community. These churches are effectively sharing the love of Christ through a variety of outreaches and services in their neighborhoods.

Our landmark ministry center in St. Louis, the old North YMCA, is still being used to reach out to the community and meet holistic needs of urban families as we partner with Jamaa Learning Center, an inner-city charter school. Jamaa strives to educate and empower students and families by providing high-quality educational and social services and we believe that God will use them to continue the rich heritage of serving North St. Louis through our ministry center.


The Urban Ministry Institute

Roger Alford, a World Impact Associate, is now directing the efforts of our St. Louis TUMI satellite, a theological training site that equips and trains urban lay leaders and pastors for the purpose of facilitating church-planting. Roger is bilingual and has been a pastor for more than 40 years and has also spent many years going to Latin America to train and equip pastors. After a season of pastoring in western Kansas, Roger has returned to St. Louis, where he pastored for 14 years previously, and is excited to be working with our ministry.

In addition to directing the St. Louis TUMI site, Roger is currently making contacts with local pastors in both North and South St. Louis to further expand the number of TUMI sites in the city, as well as identify indigenous leaders whom we can partner with in planting churches. There is great potential for expansion within the growing immigrant communities in St. Louis including Nepalese, Ethiopian, Bosnian and other ethnic groups. Through our continued presence in St. Louis, we are committed to do all we can to recruit, empower and release urban leaders who will plant churches and launch church planting movements in the St. Louis area and beyond.

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For more information about TUMI St. Louis please contact Roger Alford.

For more information regarding our ministry strategy in St. Louis and the Midwest Region contact World Impact's Midwest Regional Vice President, email Al Ewert or call at (316) 682-4075

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