Summer Staff

World Impact seeks to plant churches through the proclamation and the demonstration of the gospel in the inner cities of America. You have the opportunity to serve alongside World Impact missionaries as they minister Christ's love in a city, school or Christian camp setting.

Summer ministry assignments are eight to ten weeks in length, depending on the location. Your arrival and departure dates will be determined by the director of the ministry team.

  • Health insurance is not provided for summer staff.
  • We reserve the right to place summer staff according to need, although your choice of ministry location will be taken into consideration.
  • You will be housed with other single men or women in World Impact housing located where we minister.
  • You will need to bring personal belongings only.
  • Your training will consist of pre-assignment reading, local orientation upon arrival and learning on-the-job!
  • For further information, contact the city in which you would like to serve.
  • See the World Impact Job Portal for information about our current openings and ministry locations.


  • The cost of serving as a summer staff is $100 each week you serve with World Impact.
  • Summer Staff are expected to raise 100 percent of their costs
    • Network within your church, with friends and with individuals for both financial and prayer support.
    • World Impact will help you with the support-raising process. Prior to coming on assignment, you will submit a mailing list to the director in the city in which you will serve. We will mail an introductory letter, which will explain your ministry assignment to potential donors, including cost and instructions for making donations.
    • Your ministry director can give you additional ideas to introduce your ministry to others.
    • Some summer staff choose not to raise support as they have their own source of funds. In this case they are expected to arrive with the necessary funds in hand.
  • Travel Expenses
    • Summer staff are expected to pay for their own travel expenses.
    • Excess support raised can be used to reimburse the staff for travel expenses, at the end of the summer
  • College Scholarships
    • Excess funds raised, up to $2000, will be sent to your school in the form of a scholarship.
    • Checks are mailed mid-October, after all summer staff expenses have been processed.
  • Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
  • Be committed to obeying the Bible as your standard of living.
  • Be committed to discipleship and seeing others come to know Christ as their Savior.
  • Be 18 years of age.

To apply, go to this website. Search through our current job openings and submit a completed online application for the positions of your interest. Apply before March to give ample time for the application process and support raising.

Scott Quay, is now a graduate of Miami University of Ohio with a degree in business, where he mentored youth with Young Life. Scott says of his summer experience, "People need to step into the brokenness of the city and provide stability. I hope to lay down my life, comforts and things of this world for the gospel of Christ." Scott spent the summer counseling inner-city teens at The Oaks, our California camp and now serves as a missionary in Los Angeles, California.

Kelly MacDonald became a Christian in high school and served on the worship team at Trinity Reformed Church in Newark. Rev. Bill Iverson, a World Impact Newark Board member, encouraged her to become a summer intern before starting college in order to get ready for her major in education. Kelly says, "My world was transformed by the four missionary teachers with whom I lived and served. They helped me work through the emotional abuse I had suffered. They taught me how to cook and prepare a meal; they helped me get my driver's license. I learned that home is a place one can be safe and loved. They encouraged and prayed for me. This summer was wonderful."

Josh Somsel, a former eagle scout, wrestler and football player from Michigan, rededicated his life to the Lord at age 22. After hearing Dr. Keith Phillips speak about urban youth at Moody Bible Institute, Josh worked with kids in Chicago and Detroit. But, he was drawn to World Impact because of our emphasis on church planting. At our Wichita ministry, Josh taught Bible clubs, cooked hot dogs, did puppet shows and skits, took junior teens camping, and gave horse-back rides to countless kids. He says, "World Impact's summer program was great. The staff cared for me, instead of just using me for their programs and burning me out. I practiced all the theory I learned at Moody. God taught me about His grace." Josh now serves as a missionary in Wichita, Kansas.