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Frequently Asked Questions

If I believe God is calling me to be a World Impact missionary, what should I do?

We would love to connect with you. Contact us and we will be in touch soon!

Why plant churches in the inner city? Aren’t there a lot of churches there already?

America’s inner cities are unreached mission fields, with millions who have not heard the Gospel. Most churches in the inner city are not culturally-conducive to the poor who live in the neighborhoods. Churches need to be planted where the poor can serve in leadership.

How do you determine where to plant new churches?

We employ a number of factors such as openness to the Gospel, existing churches in the neighborhood, physical needs, open doors, existing relationships, available housing and demographics. Above all, we pray, asking God to lead us, and we look for His leading. We try to see where God is at work and join Him.

Do new missionaries go to a new area, or do they join a church plant that has already begun?

Either can be true. If we have a new family join our staff where there are not enough other staff to form a new team, then they would join an existing team or start doing preliminary work in a new area. Preliminary work includes activities like demographic research, prayer walking or children’s Bible clubs. When there are enough staff to form a team, that team will be trained and chartered to begin the church plant. We may ask new staff to locate in a city where there is a team waiting to form. For example, we might have two people waiting in Oakland for new staff to come in to join them in forming a new team.

How many people do you put on a church-plant team?

We generally consider four to six full-time missionaries as an ideal-sized team. This can be any combination of singles or married couples. If teams are too large, it limits their ability to react quickly to opportunities. If teams are too small, it takes much longer to get the work done and can overload the team with too many demands, especially when discipling leaders in the church, which is the hardest part of church planting. Every team needs dozen of support and volunteer team members.

Who oversees the churches once they are planted?
The process of planting the church includes calling a pastor who relates culturally to the church. World Impact missionaries do not stay as pastors. We urge our church plants to join the fellowship of a denomination or association. We believe that churches need to fellowship with one another and that such associations help them grow in Christ.

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