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Our Ministry By the Numbers

The local church is the hope of the world, and we know the local church strongly influences the quality of life within urban neighborhoods. We are laser-focused on building healthy urban churches. Yet this cannot happen without trained urban pastors and leaders; so we provide effective, affordable, and accessible urban ministry training.


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A ministry engaging in a World Impact program with its costs covered

A worker equipped to provide a World Impact program to other workers

A person who has participated in a World Impact program


$7.7M - Total Operating Revenue in the past fiscal year (ending 6/30/2021)

  • In fiscal year 2021, we invested 70% in ministry programs and 30% in operating expenses. 
  • In fiscal year 2021, we raised $5.1M for Ministry Programs $2.6M for Operating Expenses

Audited financial statements will be available in January 2022.


Allocation of Total Expenses


Read the full Annual Report

Stories of Impact

Stories like these are possible because of your amazing generosity! Thank you for changing lives.



Watch Bernard's story

Without a dad to look up to at home, Bernard was initiated into a gang at ten years old. His life changed when his mother took him to church... 



Watch Alberto's story

Alberto was convicted of first-degree murder and was given a life sentence. The brutality of prison caused him to question the purpose of his life... 



Watch Shampayne's story

Shampayne’s earliest memory was when she was raped at three years old. Adding insult to injury, her church-going foster family also abused her...

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