Our Work

We champion the ability of the urban poor to own and lead ministry

We believe in the power of community insiders

Since 1971, we have worked with thousands of poverty workers. Our mission is to create learning communities of redemptive poverty workers. Redemptive poverty work is urgent. Those who live in poverty feel the effects of sin and feel the weight of living in a broken community.

World Impact strives to engage in poverty work at the highest level, which is redemptive. We believe that poverty is an oppressive condition people live in, not their identity. Scripture defines poverty as being caused by either personal or societal sin. At World Impact, we believe that we, as Christians, have the responsibility to improve the quality of life of those who live in this condition.

Our redemptive poverty work affirms that it is God who does the rescuing, freeing people and communities from sin and oppression (Isaiah 60:16; 1 Peter 1:18–21). We believe that we all need rescuing because we are all fallen human beings. Our poverty work is a second commitment, after our salvation, to use our God-given time, talents, and treasures for the Kingdom. We maintain a radical solidarity with those who live in the condition of poverty. We admit our complicity in injustice, come alongside those who live in poverty, and enter into the work God is already doing.

When you come alongside World Impact as a donor or a ministry partner, you help us introduce those living in poverty to the redemptive work of Christ, which signals complete victory over the forces of sin and evil. This story of redemption carries hope and is the foundation for holistic restoration.

Our work creates flourishing neighborhoods

Meet some of our trained & certified leaders

At World Impact, the trained become the trainers.

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“I don’t see an ‘ex-felon.’ I see the next leader of a church or a community. We are better together, stronger together, and can transform communities together.”

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“This brings me joy because I know I’m doing what God has called me to do.”

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“All of my pain, all of my abuse, all of my dysfunction, was for a purpose. My mission in life is for other girls to realize that they can have a purpose for their pain.”

Our Statement of Faith

There is one living and true God, infinitely perfect in glory, wisdom, holiness, justice, power, and love, one in His essence but eternally existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God sovereignly created the world out of nothing, so that His creation, while wholly dependent upon Him, neither comprises part of God, nor conditions His essential perfection (Genesis 1:2; Matthew 28:19,20).
The books which form the canon of the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired by God, inerrant in the original writings, the only infallible rule of faith and practice (II Timothy 3:16).
God created humankind in His own image, in a state of original righteousness, from which man subsequently fell by a voluntary revolt, and consequently is guilty, inherently corrupt, and subject to divine wrath.
Jesus Christ, the eternal Son, became man without ceasing to be God, uniting to His divine nature a true human nature in His incarnation, and so continues to be both God and man, in two distinct natures and one person, forever. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, exhibited His deity by manifold miracles, fulfilled the requirements of the Law by His sinless life, shed His blood as a vicarious and propitiatory atonement for man’s sin, was resurrected from the dead in the same body, and is now glorified. He ascended into heaven and now intercedes in glory for His redeemed as our greatest high priest and advocate, and as the Head of the Church and Lord of the individual believer (Matthew 1:20,21; John 1:1–14; Romans 3:21–26; 5:6–11; I Peter 3:18; I John 2:1,2; Luke 24; Acts 1:9; Hebrews 8).
The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, through the ministry of regeneration, sanctification, applied salvation, and places believers into the Church, guides and comforts God’s children, indwells, directs, gifts, and empowers the Church in godly living and service in order to fulfill the great commission, and seals and keeps the believer until Christ returns (John 16:1–33; I Corinthians 12:12; Ephesians 1:13,14).
Every person, regardless of race or rank, who receives the Lord Jesus Christ by faith is born into the family of God and receives eternal life. This occurs solely because of the grace of God and has no ground in human merit.
The Holy Church is the one institution specifically ordained of God to function in the furthering of the Kingdom until Christ comes again. It consists of all those regenerated by the Spirit of God, in mystical union and communion both with Christ, the head of the Body, and with fellow believers. Neighborhood congregations are the local manifestation of the Church universal. In obedience to the command of Christ, these congregations preach the word of God, equip God’s people for the work of ministry, and administer the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.
The Lord Jesus Christ will return bodily, visibly, and personally to receive His own, to conform believers to His own image, and to establish His millennial kingdom. He will judge the quick and the dead and will effect a final separation of the redeemed and the lost, assigning unbelievers to eternal punishment and believers to eternal glory, enjoying conscious fellowship with Him (I Thessalonians 4:13–18; I Corinthians 15:50–58; Revelation 20:4–6).
Humankind's chief end in life is to honor and glorify Almighty God. Personal salvation is a means to this end.