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Ministry Partners and Alliances

We depend on like-minded churches, ministries and organizations to work with us to complete our mission of empowering urban leaders and partnering with the local church. Our partners provide funds, support, and resources so churches, denominations, ministry networks and local churches can use our programs. This is not an exhaustive list of our partners.

Church Partners

We partner with hundreds of churches across the country. There are too many to list here! If your church wants to partner with us, contact us

Academic Partners

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) has chosen to be non-accredited in order to keep resources available and affordable to urban leaders who seek our training. Our commitment to academic excellence and quality leadership education is a priority. However, we partner with accredited liberal arts schools and seminaries who offer our students credit for the successful completion of the Capstone Curriculum. The Academic Institutions below have joined with TUMI to offer accredited programs to our students that use their Capstone training as the foundation.

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