A Guide to World Impact’s 50th Year of Ministry

This year, World Impact celebrated 50 years of community impact. 

From our humble beginnings in 1971 to our incredible impact today, we are looking forward to partnering, reaching, and empowering more urban leaders in the coming years. 

Big Goal

In the next 50 years, we dream of a healthy church in every community of poverty. The local church is the hope of the world, and we know the local church strongly influences the quality of life within urban neighborhoods.

The pathway to this dream is training urban pastors and leaders. To that end, we provide effective, affordable, and accessible urban ministry training

Let’s explore the progress we made towards that goal in 2021. 


Our Annual Report contains many facts and figures that reveal our impact but they do not tell the whole story. 

In countries all over the world, from Bangladesh to Kazakhstan, and South Sudan to the States, World Impact empowers the poor to own and lead their own ministry. 

Every number represents a soul that has been impacted by our redemptive poverty work. And behind every soul is a family and community who will be forever changed by the training and support that has been offered through World Impact. 

Read more about the Uncommon Church book. 


Delivered programming to:

  • 156 cities
  • 25 states
  • 28 countries

Where we:

  • Trained 388 partners
  • Certified 573 program trainers
  • Empowered 6,783 workers

Metrics By Program

Urban Church Planting

  • 115 partners
  • 67 trainers
  • 205 workers 

One soul that has been deeply changed by World Impact’s Urban Church Planting through the Evangel School of Urban Church planting is Bernard. Having been initiated into a gang at 10, Bernard is now a pastor who has developed a “needs network” and leadership center for the formerly incarcerated. 

Learn more about Bernard's incredible transformation.

Prison Ministry

  • 64 partners 
  • 67 trainers
  • 1,768 workers

Church-Based Seminary

  • 110 partners
  • 262 trainers
  • 3,507 workers

Alberto is a great example of a dynamic, influential leader who needed God to take hold of his heart so he could use his unique skills for the Kingdom. He went from leading a gang, to receiving church-based seminary through World Impact while incarcerated, to leading a church and a church-based seminary satellite like the one that God used in his life. There’s no doubt, he is using his unique skills to advance the Kingdom!

Watch more of Alberto’s inspiring story

Trauma Healing

  • 87 partners
  • 165 trainers
  • 1,131 workers

Through our partnership with American Bible Society, we train trauma healing workers to impact communities and individuals who have been deeply affected by trauma. 

When individuals have the opportunity to process and experience healing from trauma, they are motivated to spread that healing to others. That was the case for Shampayne, who went from an angry, bitter woman to a chaplain, human relations commissioner, a precinct chairwoman, and a church planter. 

Learn more about Shampayne’s story of transformation. 

Leadership Retreats

  • 12 partners 
  • 12 trainers 
  • 172 workers 

Hosting retreats for urban leaders that offer concise, practical, hands-on training has become a passion and joy for World Impact. 

Attendees, which include pastors and other urban leaders, seek God and experience encouragement, powerful teaching, and a chance to build relationships with other servants. 

At one retreat in 2021, Renee found rest and revival. She was a young woman who had escaped a situation of sex trafficking and been invited to the retreat where she was encouraged to take steps into a future with God and others.

The Future of World Impact

World Impact is calling on supporters and donors to join the movement and:

PARTER by helping to place new World Impact Ministry Developers in key US cities to train and disciple local pastors and church workers.

REACH more individuals by fully engaging US Hispanic workers and leaders with Spanish resources.

EMPOWER more leaders for ministry by expanding the online training platform to train leaders affordably everywhere. 

View a map of our worldwide ministry presence, read our financial report, and get inspired by testimonies on our Annual Report, available online

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