Over the last several months, Robin LaBarbera of LaBarbera Learning Solutions has been conducting an effectiveness study of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) at World Impact in reducing recidivism in the California prison system. In previous articles, “Criminogenic Needs” and “God Behind Bars,” she outlines the eight main factors leading to recidivism and ways that TUMI addresses those factors. In her most recent article, “Justice Involved Individuals’ Perceptions of a Prison Theological Education Program,” she shares feedback about TUMI from those involved in the effectiveness study. Here is an excerpt:

“What was distinct about TUMI wasn’t necessarily the content, but the purpose. Any other correspondence course you can do in prison, you finish and that’s it. The program is over. TUMI not only brought course content, they brought relationships. With other courses, you would be no closer to being prepared to be a ministry leader and impact the community like you do with TUMI.”

What we are witnessing in the California prison system and beyond is the fruit of the Spirit-led prayers and gifts of supporters like you over many years. Many faithful servants never see results like this on this side of eternity, but we thank God that we get to share this with you now! Click here to read the full article.