Over the last several months, Robin LaBarbera of LaBarbera Learning Solutions has been researching the factors leading to the high recidivism (i.e., reoffending) rate and the effectiveness of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) in reducing recidivism. In Part One, “Criminogenic Needs,” she identifies the eight major factors contributing to recidivism. In Part Two, “God Behind Bars,” she shares the ways that World Impact is addressing all eight factors contributing to recidivism through TUMI:

“Preliminary findings from that research, based on two focus group interviews of 15 formerly incarcerated individuals (graduates of the TUMI prison training program), together with the administration of 31 surveys so far has convinced me that TUMI is doing ‘what works’ to reduce recidivism.”

We believe that the Gospel has the power to transform not only incarcerated individuals, but also the entire prison system! Click here to read the full article.