Ewert February Prayer Letter

Dear Friends, 

The Kingdom of God continues to advance, whether it be in a refugee church plant, in a prison, or in the emerging church around the world. In some places the Kingdom is advancing at an accelerated pace. Boaz Masinde, a Kenyan partner, is in such a place. 

Five years ago, Pastor Boaz was looking for a way to train pastors. His burden had grown as he saw most with no training and no funding to go to the few Bible schools or seminaries in Kenya. He was given a plane ticket and funds by another leader to go to London to the Capernwray Bible School. While there, through a tragic accident, he met Scott Salmans, whose daughter nearly lost her life. Boaz met them in a remarkable set of circumstances and shared his vision to train pastors. While in prayer together, Scott said he would help Boaz. Boaz’s stay at the school was short because of immigration concerns, but he knew he had been given this ticket to meet Scott. 

Through Scott’s generosity (he owns a shipping company), Boaz launched his Maqor Ministries TUMI satellite several years ago. I spoke to their first graduating class of 24 leaders in Nairobi! When I returned the next year, it had grown to 67 students, with another 23 in their advanced program. I’ll never forget the sight of these students marching down the busy street of Nairobi, with a band leading them to the graduation site. And there in an all-day event, with over a thousand people to watch this great moment in time. Multiple tents had been set up to shield many of the people from the noonday sun. 

Recently Boaz sent us pictures of his latest graduation and the 75 who were recognized, with another 15 graduating a few days later in the same location where Boaz grew up many years before. Boaz’s vision is stirring; he has equipped seven mentors to start training at new teaching points across Africa, one being in South Sudan. 

Leaders like Boaz are neither ashamed of the Gospel nor intimidated by all that they face. They share Christ’s love everywhere, even in COVID and opposition. Pray for Boaz and his workers, our church-based seminaries, and our staff as we strive to equip leaders who can plant healthy churches in communities of poverty around the globe. We thank God for you! Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated! 

Yours in Christ, 

Al and Ruth 

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