How Los Angeles Empowers Leaders

My city, Los Angeles, is a great place to do urban ministry. One of the special ways that our city is empowering urban leaders is through our Urban Church Association (UCA). We have been able to connect with over 100 pastors, churches, ministry and community leaders through our UCA’s. We have ordained three local pastors through our UCA and Evangel School of Urban Church Planting.

UCA’s are a place where pastors, churches, ministry, and community leaders can come together once a month to network, garner resources, learn how to reproduce resources in their community context, and most importantly participate in soul care. Our UCA was able to bless local churches and their communities with over 300 boxes of food, along with 60 turkeys and over $7,000 in gift cards. This was all made possible through the relationship with our partnering churches that are connected to World Impact West.

Guest speakers attend the UCA meetings to share with the pastors about voter registration, foster care, developing infrastructure, leadership development, and men/women ministry support, and more. Chris Broussard, former ESPN reporter and current Fox Sports West reporter, was one of the speakers at our UCA to share with us his story and development of his organization, K.I.N.G. Movement. One of our local pastors stated, “This is one of the best UCAs that I have attended.” Those are the statements and sentiments that let us now that we are empowering local, indigenous leaders with some great resources.  

In the coming year, we hope to see expansion of our UCA’s locally with the development of one in Huntington Park and in Long Beach. We are praying that these local gatherings will bring more fruit to their communities!

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