International Fruits

We want to send you all our love and thank God for each one of your faithfulness. We praise God for all the triumphs we have witnessed and participated in for his glory! Our work with The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) has brought many fruits over the last year! 

We didn’t have the opportunity to travel to Cuba this year due to the complex relationship with our country. I am well connected to the pastors and we support their ministries both prayerfully and financially. I was able to travel to Miami to meet and work with one of the Cuban pastors who teaches TUMI classes. Due to the lack of resources in Cuba, he comes to collect medicine to take back home with him. Eighteen churches continue to study TUMI in Cuba, preparing leaders to rise up in that part of the world which so desperately longs for light. 

In Colombia, South America, the church that first embraced TUMI is going strong with 14 students, and they are quite motivated in their studies! Something that touched my heart in this church is to have seen Ana del Carmen, an elderly woman of 84 years longing to prepare for God's service. There is no age limit to prepare to serve God! Two faithful supporters of this ministry, Paul and Steve from Wichita, Kansas, traveled with me. We had the blessing to see another church accept the challenge to start a new satellite of TUMI in Bogota. Seven students signed up and they will move forward under the direction of the first satellite. 

In Mexico, I was invited to attend a national gathering of pastors. I met potential site coordinators and connected with many leaders. I also had the honor to ordain a TUMI graduate from three years ago as a pastor. His church is going to start a new satellite. Do you see the power of this seminary? TUMI empowers leaders in their own churches to study and prepare themselves for ministry. We bear witness to how they are empowered to lead and expand the Kingdom!

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