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Introducing Cornerstone Curriculum!

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A Biblical Foundation for Every Neighborhood

A Biblical Foundation for Every Neighborhood

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had three famous rules: Do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God. I would call them core values. In this same spirit, World Impact’s goal will always be to inspire our community of ministry partners and donors towards these ends.

Local churches, tiny but mighty, living out the Gospel in word and deed, are the primary hope to implement these values. Providing affordable training and support for the leaders of these churches, in a way that makes sense contextually to those churches, is key to our mission. Contextually means the situation within which something exists or happens that can help explain it.

As World Impact gains ministry partners around the globe, the urban context becomes more challenging. It requires asking the right questions, listening, and making necessary adjustments. This is a good kind of challenge since it gives us the opportunity to see the Gospel bear fruit in a variety of ways.

Many of our partners who graduated from our Church-Based Seminary have been offering the same training in their ministries, using their churches as satellite locations. Our premier, top-shelf curriculum used is called Capstone, sixteen modules that take three to four years to journey through. It’s a tall order of Bible-soaked seminary-level ministry training.

We received many requests for a condensed version of this training to make ministry training even more accessible and affordable, especially for places like Latin America and East Africa. In response, our team at The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) created Cornerstone, a three-module version of Capstone. The Cornerstone curriculum will help urban leaders strapped for time as well as people like Pastor Joseph Diang in Sudan who pastors a church 15 hours away from internet access.

We think there is amazing potential for Cornerstone. For example, one of our partners in Tanzania, Bishop Charles Sekelwa, is inviting pastors to travel to his training facility to take Cornerstone in its entirety during one brief visit. They will then take the training back to their churches and train leaders within their congregations and communities. While the Gospel never changes, how we train up new leaders to share it must fit the leaders’ context.

Watch the video below, as Rev. Dr. Don Davis proudly introduces the Cornerstone training module:



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