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A Different Path

A Different Path

“I need to talk, do you have time?” Diandra* texted.

Over the years Diandra and her nine children have been a part of our lives. We have prayed for her and her family for quite some time. Diandra struggles with addiction that is fueled by her involvement in the human trafficking world. Early abuse and sexualization as a child have taken their toll. 

She told me she had texted because she wanted me to know that she was going to give her children to the system and return to sex work. Except she wouldn’t have contacted me if she really wanted to do this. With tears streaming down both our faces, we talked about the path she was on and where it led. As we talked I shared again that Jesus had a new and different path—not easy or without struggle, but one that promised His presence and new life. 

Often at this point in the conversation, Diandra will start to look around distracted, but not today; the blinders were coming down and she was ready to give her life to Christ! There are no words to describe the joy it was to see Jesus’ Spirit draw her into His Kingdom and to be present for this moment! We have begun the messy work of discipleship, and we would be lying to tell you it’s going well. The obstacles are incredible and too many to describe here. Please pray for this precious mom and the 9 children involved. We desperately need His miracles and provision as we move forward.

*Name changed for privacy.

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