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A God of Healing and Restoration

A God of Healing and Restoration

The church behind bars is exploding with growth. Men and women who are incarcerated are learning who Christ is and giving their lives fully to Him with a passion that changes not only them but everyone around them. Here is one testimony of a group of believers in prison who have been united and powerfully changed by taking classes from The Urban Ministry Institute behind bars.

“Every Saturday afternoon at yard release our TUMI sisters get together and we invite anyone on facility C yard to attend fellowship. We praise and worship the Lord. We gather in a circle around the tables; we pray, we sing, we offer anyone to come forward who has never given their life to the Lord. If there are sisters that are ready to accept the Lord we lead them to the Lord or a sister that desires to rededicate their lives then we lead them as well.  

We also work with those that have just accepted Christ or rededicated for follow-up after the gathering. Additionally, we open the circle for testimonies and if need be we circle a sister that is in need of prayer and encouragement. A communion ceremony for all believers is set up. We use a beautiful white cloth over the table where we place the elements for communion and then cover with a purple cloth until we are ready for the presentation of the communion. There is an explanation of what communion is and the importance and significance it has for the believer before it is offered. The communion ceremony is so beautiful and received so well.  

This past October, a sister attended our gathering for the first time and the Holy Spirit moved mightily in her life. She gave her testimony of how she was molested by the boyfriend of her mother when she was just a little girl and how it has affected her and held her in bondage for more than 20 years. During the fellowship she received healing from the bondage of unforgiveness. That same evening during a phone call she spoke with the man that molested her and he asked her to forgive him for what he had done to her. He also told her that he had given his life to Christ and was so very sorry for what he had done to her! She extended forgiveness to her perpetrator, she told him that she loved him and that she wanted both of them to be released from the bondage that has held them captive for more than two decades. They agreed right then to set up a visitation where they would be able to meet face to face where they could pray with one another and share what the Lord is doing in their lives.  Truly our GOD is a Mighty GOD of healing and restoration!  

The TUMI sisters have been meeting on the yard for over six weeks now and all are welcome and the Word is spreading around the yard about the Saturday events and the fellowship is growing. Last week we had a gathering of 23 sisters. The Lord is using the TUMI program to share the love of Christ behind the prison walls to further His kingdom!”

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