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A Life-Changing Weekend

A Life-Changing Weekend

In just a couple weeks, we will be heading back up the mountain to one of our favorite places in the entire world, The Oaks Camp and Conference Center. Why do we invest our time and resources into weekend retreats at The Oaks, you might ask? The fruit.

To be honest, the fruit that typically comes from a weekend away with our students is hard to match with anything else we do during the year. We know that incredible growth happens in our students’ lives as they invest in their life transformation groups, attend weekly youth groups, or participate in our many annual conferences. We believe that taking them to coffee, showing up for their basketball games, and going to all their celebrations communicates God’s love to them in tangible forms they need to see. But, there is something about limited cell phone reception, zero social media, cold mountain air, and lots of time together around the Word of God that allows our students to open themselves up to the Spirit and what He wants to do in their lives in a way that nothing else quite can.

Our students look forward to camp all year long. This is the event they invite their friends to, this is the weekend they actually put on their calendars, this is the time that they will always refer back to in conversations. So many of them go to camp burdened, scared, and anxious about the difficult situations going on in their lives. Although camp doesn’t really change their home situations, it does give them the strength and perspective to stand up under it when they go back.

Winter Camp is February 16 to February 18, and we would love your prayers for the 30 students going up with us. Pray that God would speak to them directly, pray that they would experience His great love for Him, and pray that the many students who have never heard the Gospel would believe in Him for the first time.

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