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A Thriving Legacy

A Thriving Legacy

As we continue to minister with World Impact by partnering with Community Transformation Church (CTC), we are seeking to transform our community together. By being a part of the leadership team of CTC, we are in the center of helping raise up urban leaders who are studying the Bible, connected to a believing community, strong in faith, passionate in worship, fervent in prayer, strong in witness, and doing what Jesus did. Together, as God’s people from many cultures who are seeking to reach our community, we demonstrate that the gospel is effective to reach all people and remove all barriers.

One of our joys is hearing testimonies of how incredibly God loves and provides for us all. We are so enriched to watch and be a part of the transformation of those who once followed the ways of this world’s darkness and are now becoming leaders in His Kingdom, His church.

When Melissa first came to CTC she was “church hurt” and rather raw emotionally. She still expresses her emotions, but now in worship to the Lord. It has been a joy to watch Melissa take over facilitating CTC’s service, like David had done in the past, but with her own personality. She is warm and open in expressing her love for God and for her brothers and sisters at CTC, blessing our church body by using her gifts in our church service.

You see, our goal is not to continue to lead indefinitely, but to empower urban leaders. Our hope is that we will leave behind a strong, thriving church and legacy. As we move forward this year, please pray for members to be raised up in CTC to lead prayer and evangelism. Pray that we will partner with other churches in our neighborhood to start new movements of prayer and evangelism, so we can advance God’s Kingdom and reach our city with the Gospel.

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