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A Vision Beyond Our Imagination

A Vision Beyond Our Imagination

Eleven years ago, we quit our job, left the comfort of our home and church, and moved our young family to Los Angeles to be missionaries and plant churches in poor communities. We celebrate all that God has done in that time! 

God gave us a vision to plant 12 churches in 12 years. We planted our first church, a predominantly Spanish-speaking church, among the immigrants of South LA. We learned a lot and began to build deep relationships and trust with the community, other churches, and emerging leaders. Now through Evangel (our School of Urban Church Planting) and our network of urban churches, we have been able to coach and train dozens of leaders impacting many corners of this vast county. Los Angeles County is the largest in the United States and makes up one fourth of the population of California. These partnerships have led to the planting and strengthening of dozens of churches. Whether it is helping train and coach church plant teams or raising up the next generation of leaders in our own church, it is a joy to be able to empower those called by God. Together, we equip them through affordable and accessible training made for their context.

World Impact empowers urban leaders and partners with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel. Now we are moving beyond planting only 12 churches in 12 years, looking way beyond Los Angeles, even beyond the United States. Over the next three years, we are positioning ourselves to empower 50,000 workers in communities of poverty. Just like we cannot likely plant a new church every year on our own, we understand the power of partnership and multiplication. 

Coming alongside men and women who are called to ministry to train, equip, encourage, and coach them is a powerful way for us to multiply our impact. We love being able to invest into the Kingdom in this way. Think about all the time and effort that goes into launching a new church. While exciting and life-giving, we know we can do so much more for a city and our world when we multiply our efforts. Through Evangel we are raising up those who are called to plant and minister in these dense, complex metropolitan areas of the world. 

This month we ask that you pray for our upcoming Evangel schools. Due to concerns with COVID-19 we are piloting an online version of our intensive church plant school and hope for even greater participation. We will continue to offer the same rich content, coaching, and group breakouts in a new platform. Pray for the teams, one from our own church, to connect with God and His heart for the lost. Also, pray for a strong vision of healthy church reproduction to be caught by the leaders and their teams as well as the power of the Holy Spirit to fill them up and lead the way to another community impacted by the Good News! 

Thank you for your faithful support in prayer, in finances, in encouraging us, and sharing what we are doing with others. May God keep you close in His will. God bless!

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