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Break Away

Break Away

One of the most important times for our men to get refreshed and connected to fellow believers is at our men’s retreats. Last fall our theme was Stronger Together. Over 130 men attended this year’s retreat from cities all over California. We brought 20 from San Diego.

A partnering ministry provided scholarships for our Incarceration to Incorporation (I2I) men to attend. Our prison ministry works to see the formerly incarcerated incorporated into churches, ministry, church planting and TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) satellites once they are released.

We also had a good group of men come from one of our churches, Inner City Christian Fellowship, with whom we have partnered for over 20 years. Several of these men are TUMI students or graduates.

The most powerful time during the retreat occurred when the men went forward for prayer and repentance at one of our worship services. The men go through so much in a year’s time. The men’s retreat is the one time each year they can break away, receive prayer, teaching and be refreshed in the Lord.

As you pray for us this month, please pray for:

  • our men to be strong leaders for their families.
  • the men to be committed to being stronger together in their church homes.
  • good jobs where they can support themselves and their families.
  • health, healing and wholeness in Jesus!

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