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Bringing in the Harvest

Bringing in the Harvest

Matthew 9:37 states, “Then he said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” We are grateful for your financial contributions, which allow us to bring in the urban harvest. Together we change the world.

For the last 47 years World Impact has focused on doing one thing—empowering urban leaders. We do this several different ways with a focus on meeting the leadership needs of those in the city. We harness the power of these grassroots leaders, whether they are young leaders in our Christian schools or veteran pastors within the community. Because of you, in the last year we saw:

By utilizing the power of grassroots leaders, we’ve become “glocal.” Glocal means we are local and global at the same time. By focusing on the top 100 cities in the United States with high poverty rates, we do the work of the ministry in 16 countries with no paid international staff.

One of our Evangel Deans (Joseph) pastors the Evangelical Bengali Church in New York City. He has a vision to reach the global 100 million Bengali population, which is 95% Muslim. His team was trained, and in less than a year, Pastor Joseph has already multiplied 3 more church planters for New York City as well as trained 27 leaders within his native country of Bangladesh.  

The Pastor Joseph’s of the world are no accident. He is a laborer God raised up. Your open-handedness allowed us to equip him to bring in the harvest. Thank you for your partnership.

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