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Christian Education

Christian Education

Mrs. Perde desperately wanted to give her children a Christian education. The problem was, Christian schools are expensive. She spent three days fasting and praying for a solution, and at the end of those three days, someone told her husband about Newark Christian School (NCS). This was in 2011.

Since then, the Perdes have sent three of their children to NCS, and their fourth is starting kindergarten this fall. Their eldest, Adrielle, who started when she was in the 3rd grade, moved on to another school after 6th grade. It was then that the family realized more fully what a great education she received at NCS. With this foundation, Adrielle went on to achieve excellent grades and make the honor roll at her new school.

Both Abdiel and Gamma have attended NCS since kindergarten, and both are part of NJ Seeds, a program for high-achieving students from low-income families that helps place students in selective schools. Abdiel will be attending 7th grade at the Delbarton School in the fall.

“At this school, they pray. They tell them the same thing at school as I tell them at home,” said Mrs. Perde. To know that her children are receiving not only an academic education, but also a spiritual one is incredibly valuable to her. “At NCS, they worship and pray. They know their Bible.” This makes it much easier to raise her children in a God-honoring way, knowing that their school is also teaching them how to follow Jesus.

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