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Urban Church Relief Grant

Urban Church Relief Grant


World Impact is all about empowering urban leaders, so we’ve created an urban church relief grant. The grant will provide a one-year Zoom subscription along with Zoom training and coaching, and direct aid in the amount of $2,500 per church. During the month of April, we raised $70,000 and helped 22 churches. Our goal is to raise $250,000 to help 100 urban churches/church plants that have participated in our church-based seminary and urban church planting programs by May 31st.

Church Partners

A quarter of the book of Acts, which is the authoritative story of how the church began, is a playbook on how to do ministry in forced confinement (Acts 21-28). Being confined did not limit ministry reach. In the same spirit we desire for you to leverage the technology of today to continue and expand your ministry reach. If you have participated in our church-based seminary (TUMI) or church planting (Evangel) program, we invite you to apply for a grant.



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