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Community Change Starts with Me

Community Change Starts with Me

My name is Yuri Rivero, and I am a Youth Leader and prayer group leader at Fuente para las Naciones in Los Angeles. I first got involved with World Impact through the Women’s Retreats here in California. They encouraged me and challenged me to grow in my faith. It was at the Women’s Retreat that I learned about the Trauma Healing groups, and when my church hosted a group I was excited to participate and learn. I wanted to heal my own heart wounds and learn how to listen so that I could understand the needs of others better.

As a youth leader in the city, I see broken families, drugs, and people who are hurting. And I had my own internal battles of insecurity, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to reach any of my goals or do anything significant. I wasn’t fully committed in my heart.   

Then I took the Trauma Healing training so that I could work on teaching the group to other women. I wanted to understand the process of healing and grow in patience and knowledge so I could share what I learned with other people. I wanted to see those in my church and community reach their full potential and have healthy, flourishing ministries where they are growing in God and given many opportunities and experiences.  

The Trauma Healing training was powerful! God called on me and filled my heart with undeniable peace and joy. I don’t need to be in pain or limit myself—nobody does! I’ve learned that even through trials and hard times, I can put my trust in God. The Women’s Retreats and Trauma Healing groups inspire, equip and encourage me. They have also helped me grow in my faith. I have more confidence and security in myself and I'm not as afraid of what the future may hold. Before, I was really shy and fearful of the future, but that has changed and now I can teach and help others.   

Not everyone has to take part in a training or attend a retreat and go on to do some huge retreat or reach thousands of people with their groups. Because when you are impacted, when you are changed by God through these trainings, you are able to impact the people around you. Those who you are closest to will be affected and that will make a big change in your community! What a blessing!

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