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Contreras August Prayer Letter

Contreras August Prayer Letter

August 1, 2016 

Dear Friends and Family, 

Our Mercy Street Team finished praying and began walking toward Motel Drive. A consistent prayer the Lord has laid on our hearts as we walk along the 99 Freeway is that just like the lost sheep, He would lead us to one whose heart He is working on. We saw her as soon as we stepped out onto the street. We called out, “Could we give you a carnation? It means you’re not forgotten.” She turned with pleading eyes toward us, “Can you guys help me get out of here? My boyfriend had me working the streets and he got locked up last night for beating me up. I don’t want to be out here anymore. I need to get back to the Lord.” 

My friend Julia and I looked at each other stumbling over our excited words, “Yes, we’d love to come alongside you in that… Can we pray for you?” The next two weeks we watched as God opened doors for safe places to stay while “L” waited for a bed to become available in a program. The road is steep. She has been in this life since she was 11; now at age 30, with two kids in Child Protective Services, it is like learning a new language to trust and choose to come out of the drama. Our gracious Shepherd is smoothing her way and shoring her up, even when her foot slips. I wish there were words to describe the millions of tiny miracles we see God do for each of these girls! As I get to participate in this, I am overwhelmed again and again by His unending, unfathomable love. A praying Grandma led L to the Lord as a child. That Grandma has gone to be with Jesus, but to be witnesses to the answer of her prayers for her granddaughter is a precious gift. 

Thank you for joining us in praying for L. Your generous prayers and gifts make it possible for us to be here. As summer begins to wrap up we look forward to sharing with you more of God’s transforming work in hearts. 

August 7 to August 12 is our final camp for 4th to 6th graders. We covet your prayers for these young lives that those who don’t know Jesus will come to faith and that those who do, will deepen their faith. 

We are praying for you too as you wrap up your summer. 

Grateful for you, 

Manuel, Kim, Ian, and Sophia 


August 10, 2016 | dawn and dana

read this today, so exciting.  It is always our prayer that those we encounter will respond immediately.  Thank God L had the courage to do so.  Praying that she will continue on that path.  Thanks for being there.

August 13, 2016 | Judith Salkeld

Wonderful story!  Praising God with you,

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