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Dallas June Prayer Letter

Dallas June Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Summer is around the corner and we are getting ready for lots of “firsts” for kids. In Dallas we partner with neighborhood churches to send urban youth to summer camp, many for the first time! We also host a number of urban immersion mission trips from rural or suburban churches that send their youth to serve the inner city, many for the first time! What a different yet similar experience, the barriers for poor inner city children have never been greater and giving them a break from the streets creates an amazing opportunity for God to radically change their perspective.

The barriers for rural or suburban children may be different but getting them out of their comfort zone so they can love, laugh and serve the Lord in the inner city can radically change their perspective. We believe the next generation of world changers will come from the city and country. Did you ever have this experience as a child? I did, and I have never been the same. Thank God!

Will you join me in transforming this city? We have 3 different opportunities for you to be a supporter for this ministry event: Pray, Participate, Provide.

  • Pray for all the youth who plan on attending a summer camp or urban missions trip.
  • Participate by bringing your youth group to an urban immersion mission trip or volunteer with a group serving the city.
  • Provide a scholarship for these children to attend the camp. The average cost for an summer camper is $200. Our goal is to take a 56 passenger bus this year to summer camp.

For His Glory,

David Estrada


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