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Dallas Ministry December Prayer Letter

Dallas Ministry December Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

If you live or have driven through the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you have seen the tremendous growth in our city. The Dallas/Fort Worth population has now reached over seven million people and I believe God wants to reach every single person, regardless of their struggles. God also cares for the poorest people in this city and God has sent urban leaders to lead great churches in the darkest places. We can see these neighborhoods evangelized, we can equip the leaders with the Biblical tools needed to empower these men and women to transform this city.

Will you join me in transforming this city? We are planning Christmas outreaches with our partner churches right now. For some of the parents in our communities, providing a Christmas gift for each child is painfully difficult. The parents and children are open to receiving the Gospel message of hope and assistance from the church to celebrate the birth of our Savior. For some, this will be the one time they visit the church this year. We can take this opportunity to transform the lives of our neighbors and bring them into the Kingdom of God.

Please pray for the Christmas evangelism and consider joining us financially to continue the work of reaching the city for God. Your prayers and donations will help support the continued evangelism, training urban church planters, Biblical education for urban leaders, providing biblical activities for children in our neighborhoods, and equipping urban missionaries to advance the Kingdom of God in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

For His Glory,

David Estrada


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