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Evangel Dean School By the Numbers

Evangel Dean School By the Numbers

“Astonishing!” is all that the certified dean said about the Evangel Dean School of Urban Church Planting. The Spirit of the Lord was in our midst.

Thirteen teams comprised of 34 individuals went through our Enlistment, Basic Training, and four-day Boot Camp, and were certified and commissioned to go and equip church planters by hosting Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting. With deans, staff, and volunteers there were 59 of us which made for incredible worship, fellowship, and excellent training.

Four church planting networks and 11 denominations were represented and all are committed to aggressively pursuing Kingdom movements in some of the most neglected places and people in our urban centers. Twenty Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting are in the plans to be hosted in 2018. If each school averaged four church plant teams, that would potentially be 80 teams chartered and commissioned to plant a church in 2018.

Here are just a few of the highlights that came out of the Evangel Dean School:

  • The Evangel Network was presented. This global network of churches is committed to the Great Commission by identifying, equipping, and releasing hundreds of thousands of called, gifted, charismatic urban church planters to reach souls that are bound and spiritually chained in the kingdom of darkness.
  • The Evangelical Bengali School of Church Planting was Certified and commissioned to reach the 100,000 Bengali Muslims and Hindus in the Northeast through equipping church planters.
  • The Bengali Team was so impressed with the training that they committed to translating the Evangel Dean Handbook and our church planting manual, Ripe for Harvest, into the Bengali language to reach the 300,000,000 Bengali Muslims and Hindus in Bangladesh.
  • The Houston Baptist Association was certified to plant churches inside twenty-eight Houston prisons.
  • The Director of Church Planting with the E.C.C. was our guest. Our relationship was deepened and we will partner to plant seven churches among the poor in 2018.
  • Our new process of Enlistment and Basic Training has strengthened our Boot Camp experience.
  • We added the Evangel Dean School Prayer Coordinator to call prayer warriors to pray for this strategic Kingdom advancement time.

Thank you for your financial investment into us and the Kingdom work we have been called to. You play an integral part in rescuing souls for His glory.

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