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Extending His Gift

Extending His Gift

Summer camp at The Oaks continues to be a huge blessing to students at Los Angeles Christian School! Camp looked very different this year but that did not phase the students one bit. It was still a highlight of the summer that many students looked forward to all year.

One student, Frankie* had his heart set on attending camp. He and his siblings had never missed a year at camp. Unfortunately, this year he was too late getting his deposit turned in to ensure a place at camp. With limited spots available, it was not likely that he would be able to attend.

As the school year came to an end and students prepared for camp, Tammy, a teacher and administrator at LACS, was working to find a way that Frankie could attend the camp that meant so much to him. After speaking with his mother and gathering the necessary forms, Tammy took Frankie aside to share the news: he was going to camp! Fighting back tears of joy, Frankie was visibly excited that he would be able to attend camp this summer. 

“Gratitude was abundant that day and I thank God that he allowed me to extend His gift to Frankie, whom I have no doubt will be a kind, peaceful and needed presence in his cabin.” 

Thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers for our school. It is because of your partnership that students are experiencing the transformative hope of the Gospel.

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September 17, 2019 | James S. O'Bryan

Thanks - great message and picture! PTL

I am a 93 year old World War 2 Vet who was a staunch supporter and somewhat involved decades ago when Dave Berglund and Jack Hayford were involved. I am no longer able to financially support your wonderful ministry, but am delighted from time to time to hear about what the Lord continues to do. Praise His Name!

Grace and peace, Jim O’Bryan

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