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Faces of Servanthood

Faces of Servanthood

On the first night of my current TUMI Capstone course, Foundations of Christian Leadership, we were talking about Jesus washing His disciples’ feet from John 13. As I told this story about Jesus representing God’s amazing love and modeling sacrificial servanthood, I was overwhelmed by what I saw looking back at me.

I saw one pastor who leads a large congregation almost entirely composed of homeless Wichitans, most of whom are addicts, and many of whom suffer with mental illness. He was sitting with a long-time colleague in ministry who had convinced him to take the class.

I also saw one pastor, recently ordained, and her husband, recently licensed, who have planted a church and are navigating incredibly difficult opposition in their community. They brought the youth ministers that they have been equipping as new leaders for their church.

Another pastor has planted a church in a town with a large correctional facility and is reaching the inmates both inside and as they are released. He brought a congregant who is hungry for education and training.

The pastor who hosted our class is a former alcoholic who reaches the addicted and broken in our city. He had five emerging leaders with him so that they could be equipped and empowered as he has been.

I looked at them and realized that the story of washing feet, the story of representing God’s love and modeling the servanthood of Christ, is unfolding before my eyes. I am overwhelmed by the privilege to serve these men and women of God, to be the one who gets to wash their feet.

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